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Nature and Animals

Do you want to help your animals to be happy and healthy - with a natural approach?

Here at Taranet we adore animals, and through our independent consultancy we aim to share how holistic therapies can be useful for animals. From pet owners to equestrian businesses and farms, we aim to help you! Also if you're an animal related small business, and you'd like some business advice then our consultancy service maybe useful.

Here at Taranet you can find information on:

  • different therapies and holistic approaches for your animals;
  • education/training guidance for would-be students of holistic healthcare for animals;
  • business development service and social media training for small-medium sized animal related businesses; and
  • healthcare products for sale - for your animals and you via mail order in our online shop.

Explore the website through the link buttons at the top and side of the page. Have a look at our site map too for the full list of pages here at Taranet.

Finally do email us at, if you've any questions on holistic care for animals or our healthcare product range!


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