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Magnotherapy for Animals


What is magnotherapy & how can it help my animal?

People have recognized the benefits of magnets for managing pain for centuries, with many magnotherapy products now available for humans (e.g. bracelets, back supports). Although there has been no actual scientific evidence confirming magnetic healing, people often find that it does work.

The principle is that the magnetic energy fields speed up the blood supply. This allows more oxygen to enter the bloodstream which in turn allows a more efficient absorption of the nutrients. At the site of injury, toxins gather and inflammation occurs. Magnotherapy is believed to help in removing toxins, thus reducing swelling. Additionally, animals may appear more relaxed through using magnotherapy.

Many holistic animal therapists will use magnotherapy as part of their 'toolkit' to help your animal (e.g. physiotherapists, massage therapists, etc).

How can magnotherapy be used with animals?

Horses can wear magnetic rugs, boots, leg wraps or pieces attached to the bridle, dogs can use special magnetic collars and dog beds. Cats can also benefit by using special collars.

There are several manufacturers of magnotherapy products for animals however, they will often vary due to the different technology used. It is advisable to look at a few different companies in order to select the best one to suit your animal - your vet or complementary therapist maybe able to help you decide which maybe the most appropriate for your circumstances.

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