How To Help Your Horse With Kinesiotaping

Kinesio-taping is the use of therapeutic tape applied to the skin. Human athletes have used this for many years. Over the last few years, it's now used to help horse health.

When applied by a trained Veterinarian or professional therapist. It's thought to have a variety of benefits. This can include benefits to the: Skin, Fascia, Joints, Muscles, and lymphatic system.

The tape used is elasticated and specially designed to allow normal movement.

Why Use Kinesio-Tape for Your Horse?

  • Prevent injury
  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce swelling/inflammation
  • Improve recovery from muscle injury

Which Part of the Horse's Body Can Kinesio-Tape Be Used On?

The back, hindquarters, neck and legs are often used places.

How Can You Access Kinesio-Taping For Your Horse?

Many veterinarian's and professionally trained therapists. (E.g. Equine Manual Lymph Drainage practitioners, and Physiotherapists) are now trained in this therapy. It's important that the kinesio-tape is used in the correct places on your horse. Depending on what support your horse's muscles and ligaments need, will affect the placement.

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Learn More

Are you a professional equine therapist or Veterinary Surgeon? Like to learn more about Kinesio-taping for your own practice? Then there are courses held throughout the year by a variety of professional equine therapy educators.

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