Learn How Iridology Could Help Your Animals

Tara the chestnut horse

What is Iridology?

Iridology is a diagnostic technique and not a therapy. It involves carefully analysing the eye to help determine health status.

Diagnosing with Iridology for your animals

Iridology is non-invasive and provides an informative guide to health. Iridology has been practised for hundreds of years, with the ancient Egyptians being understood to have used the technique.

A sign of a healthy animal is often said to be if it has 'bright eyes'. Well, Iridology involves a trained and experienced practitioner closely examining the iris of the eye, to determine past, current and developing health issues.

Each iris is unique and when closely examined can help to reveal underlying causes of symptoms. However, an advantage of iridology is that the iris can show changes to the body before physical symptoms actually develop. Therefore preventative action maybe able to be taken to help improve health. An iridologist uses a grid to cross-reference markings to specific parts of the body - with texture and colouration of the markings all being relevant.

Whilst iridology has not been used with animals for very long, especially since the 1980's there has been a great deal of interest in this technique for use with animals. So there are now several equine and animal iridologists across the world.

What will Iridology not show?

  • Pregnancy - as this is a normal function of the female body
  • Surgery - where performed under anaesthesia, as nerve impulses are discontinued
  • Location of parasites - although will indicate the presence of inflammation, which may provide some suggestion

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