How To Use Rosehips For Your Horse or Dog Natural Health

Found in many hedgerows, rosehips are not only pretty to look at. But they're used in herbal veterinary medicine. But why should you use rosehips for your animal?

  1. Rosehips have an astringent effect. This means it can help tighten tissue.
  2. A second major benefit of Rosehips is that they're an excellent source of vitamin C. See more on vitamin C in my blog post here.
  3. If your horse or dog (or other animal) has arthritis, then you may want to consider feeding rosehips. An anti-inflammatory. They're reputed to be a natural herbal way to help with this painful condition.

As with any herbal medicine, before using, get advice from your veterinary surgeon. This is especially important if your animal is already taking medication. You can then avoid any toxic effects. Although herbs are natural, they can be extremely potent.

You can also find veterinary surgeon's who specialise in herbal medicine. If you'd like help finding one near you, please email me at

How can you use Rosehips with your animal?

There's several ways. Horses can have dried rosehips in their feed. Dogs can also have rosehip powder in their feed. Or you can find nutritional canine or equine supplements containing rosehips.

As with any herbal supplement (or any food or supplement or skincare). Do make sure that you get rosehips from a high quality source. Organic too. They are part of nature's larder at its best. But don't pick them from a hedge at the side of a busy road and feed to your animal. They'll be full of pollution! A great tip to create your own powder with the rosehips you pick, is to put dried rosehips into a coffee grinder.

What is Rosehip seed oil?

From the pressed seeds of rosehips, this is useful for skincare. Many people have found it helpful for reducing scarring and improving skin condition. The benefits of rosehip seed oil for animals is also known.

If you can't find any rosehips to make your own supplement or skincare. Then there are several organic and natural producers. E.g. Hilton Herbs. You can find them online or in reputable equine or pet stores.

Please remember
No complementary therapy treatment can replace medical advice from a qualified veterinary surgeon/physician. So get advice first, before trying any herbal remedy. And professional advice should always be sought if you (or your animal) are at all unwell before using any product/supplements. Delaying professional diagnosis can lead to serious complications!

You can get more information on many complementary therapies for animals here at Taranet. Take a look at the sitemap here for a list.

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