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Reiki for Animals

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is suitable for many animals - from farm animals to domestic pets, so including horses, dogs and cats plus many others. It is a non-invasive ancient healing technique. Reiki is Japanese for 'universal life force energy', the word can be split into 2 parts - 'Rei' meaning universal and 'Ki' meaning energy. Whilst Reiki is thought to have its roots in ancient Buddhism it is not a religion, but is a healing system. Modern Reiki was rediscovered in the 19th century by Dr Mikao Usui after he set out to discover the healing secrets of Jesus and Buddha.

Reiki works through an energy transference technique - the Reiki practitioner places their hands in a series of positions on the animal and the energy passes through the practitioner onto the animal. Due to an animals sensitivity to the Reiki energy, the session will often begin with the practitioner nearby, to enable the animal to decide how much Reiki they want. If the animal prefers not to be touched throughout the Reiki session, it can still benefit from the Reiki healing - in fact an animal will anyway often respond quicker to Reiki than a human!

There are 4 levels of the Reiki system - First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree A.R.T. (Advanced Reiki Training) and Third Degree Master Teacher. At Reiki III A.R.T. you are a Master Practitioner - Reiki III Master Teacher requires a higher level of training which leads to greater expertise.

How much does a Reiki treatment cost?

Reiki practitioners will charge different rates across the UK, however, typically a Reiki session will cost approximately £30. The cost may vary depending on how far the practitioner travels to get to you, and if more than one animal receives Reiki.

How can Reiki help my animal?

Reiki can help animals in many ways - from helping to relieve stress and anxiety, plus assisting as part of an integrated approach with a range of ailments. However, as with all complementary therapies you should consult your veterinary surgeon first before commencing Reiki.

All professionally trained Reiki therapists will also happily work alongside your vet or other complementary therapist, to help your animal reach its full potential.

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