Love These Fabulous Secrets of Aloe Vera For Your Horse

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Why Aloe Vera For Horses?

For hundreds of years, Aloe Vera has been used as a natural herb for health. It's long been used to help horses to be healthier too.

Aloe Vera is a plant that grows in many countries across the world. Especially where the climate is hot such as the Caribbean Islands and southern USA. It's been well known to help caring for the skin. But aloe's also increasingly known as being helpful as a supplement for overall health, including digestion.

Why I Use Aloe Vera With My Horses

I've used Aloe Vera with my horses for many years. Why do I use aloe vera? Two top reasons are:

  • Wellbeing - as a daily supplement
  • Skincare - in many lotions or plain as 'aloe vera gelly'

I've tried many supplements and skincare over the years for my animals. But the quality of aloe vera products (as with any product) can vary enormously. So I became a distributor for an international brand leader who only have their products available through a network of distributors across the world. This is Forever Living Products.

This means I have complete confidence in their quality, plus also get a discount on the products, which is a win-win situation for me!

My favourite products to use with my horses include the aloe vera gel supplements, aloe vera gelly, aloe vera msm gel and aloe veterinary formula, amongst others.

Why Use Aloe Vera For Horses?

As I've said Aloe Vera can help with skincare and healthcare. Here's a few veterinary research links that are useful:


You can find more veterinary research and evidence for complementary animal therapy links at my research page here.

Is It Always Safe and Can It Be Used With Competition Horses?

  • As with any complementary therapy or product, always get advice from your Veterinary Surgeon before using, especially if your horse is on any existing medication or has an ailment. Delay in getting veterinary advice and treatment can mean illnesses and injuries can get worse.
  • Using aloe vera is not a replacement for correct veterinary treatment!
  • In some instances different herbs and natural therapies maybe better, aloe vera is not a cure-all (there probably is no such thing!).
  • Many aloe vera products are ok to use with competition horses, but not all. Ask your product supplier for advice on withdrawal periods and your veterinary surgeon for advice too.

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This article has been extensively researched and written by Suzanne Harris. Who is also the designer and developer of this site. A lifelong animal lover with a passion for ensuring animals can access complementary therapies for their health and wellbeing.