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There’s many ways that your dog can have a holistic approach to his/her lifestyle. With dozens of complementary therapies to help.

Here's 4 popular natural therapies for dogs:

  1. Physiotherapy
  2. Homeopathy
  3. Hydrotherapy
  4. Bach Flower Remedies.

Has your dog tried any of these?

Read below to find out more. Don’t forget to click on each of the headings to get more details of each therapy.

For more information on any complementary therapy for your dog. Then please take a look at the site map. And get a list of many other therapies you can use to help your dog.

Use to help soothe strained muscles. Or if your dog has arthritis, physiotherapy can help manage the symptoms. And increase mobility.

For the older dog, or the dog who is very active. Use physiotherapy techniques like massage. As a warm-up and/or part of the “cool-down” before/after exercise. Although that of course can be beneficial for all dogs!

It can help any dog. Muscle niggles and strains can occur over time. A physiotherapy session every few months or so, can ensure your dog keeps his or her muscles and joints as healthy as possible. Prevention is usually always better than cure!

Veterinary homeopathy is a natural way to help your dog's health and care. Used for centuries, homeopathic remedies are useful for many ailments. Including respiratory ailments, osteoarthritis, and digestive issues. Plus some can help with excitability (eg scutellaria).

You can find Veterinary Surgeon's who have specialised in homeopathy around the world. If you'd like help finding one near you, please email me at info at taranet co uk

Using water as a therapy is great for all dogs. But especially is often used for those who need help to promote their mobility. Such as dogs recovering from injuries or suffering with arthritis.

Cool water, warm water, salt water, swimming pools and aqua treadmills. These are some common hydrotherapy methods used.

Choose a hydrotherapist for your dog who's completed specific canine hydrotherapy training. Some canine hydrotherapy centres have also gained certification from professional associations. So this is also worth checking to when you choose your canine hydrotherapy centre.

There are 38 different remedies in the Bach system. All natural and holistic. Use these to help your dog depending on which emotional state he or she is in. Does your dog get worried by fireworks, thunder or doesn’t like going to the vets? Help him/her overcome the fear by a combination of:

  1. Patient training and
  2. The most appropriate Bach Flower Remedy, to help with the learning.

These are natural. As the name says, they're from flowers. They may seem too simple to be effective, but the right one at the right time can make a real difference! Never try and force the remedy / put the pippet in your dog's mouth. (It can be dangerous!!) My top tip is to put the remedy on a treat or in the food.

Of course getting professional veterinary advice is essential before using any complementary therapy. And especially if your dog is unwell or is on any kind of medication.

Get more complementary therapies information for your dog, with my natural pet health blog. Visit here.Or listen to my podcast below for more tips to help your dog

Would you like information on complementary therapists or holistic veterinary surgeon's for your dog? Please email me at - I'll be pleased to try and assist!

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