Why You Should Love YouTube For Your Business

Have You Considered Youtube For Your Equine or Canine Business?

As you know youtube is a popular online place for videos to be posted. And it's not just a video sharing website, but a social media platform. An enormously powerful one at that.

Worldwide there are over 2 billion active monthly logged in users. Yes really, 2 billion! And importantly some of those will be your potential customers. Whether you're in the UK, USA, Australia or another country it's almost certainly the case youtube is being used right now by people who could either be your customer. Or they know someone else who will be.

Youtube is powerful as a search engine too. People searching on Google will also get youtube results. And people will use youtube to search for information that will help them. So in many ways it's more useful than some other social networks, who don't have the same search ability.

Barriers For Using Youtube?

Do you feel reluctant to use youtube because you think you need professional video's? Or perhaps you don't think you've anything worthwhile posting?

Firstly you don't need anything more than the video on your smartphone. Yes you can get professionally made video's. There are many photographers and marketing companies who can help you do this. Or you could get a camcorder, tripod and sound equipment to do it yourself. You don't necessarily need expensive editing software either. If you've an Apple Mac, then you may have iMovie, which is brilliant.

But as I said, a smartphone is fine. Either film something yourself. Or get a friend, relative or colleague with a steady hand to film you working with your equine or canine customers.

Other Types Of Video?

You can also create a slideshow/ presentation. If applicable, create an accompanying voiceover (you can usually record on good presentation software). And export it in a movie/film format, and then post it on youtube.

What To Post On Youtube?

Whether you film or create a slide show or hire a professional. What should you post on youtube? What will be helpful for your equine or canine business? Here are 5 ideas:

  1. Have a film showing you working with horses or dogs. This could be a 5 minute clip or a 30 minute clip. However long is up to you. Keep it relevant and if you can show something in a short time. Do it. Don't think you need to prolong it. But if you need longer that's fine!
  2. Create a slideshow/presentation explaining some key facts about your service. This could be all your service. Or a particular aspect.
  3. Use a film of you explaining about why you do what you do. And how you can help horses and/or dogs. See this as an introduction to you.
  4. Provide tips and advice. This could be general horse or dog care tips. Or something specific.
  5. Interview someone. This could be a customer (the horse or dog's owner?). Or a veterinary professional who refers to you. Ask 3 or 4 questions. Keep it light. But it'll help show people another aspect of what you do as a equine or canine professional.

Will People Be Interested In What I Have To Say?

Remember that what you know is different to what others know. It will often be more than what others know. You don't know, what people don't know!

The important thing is to be authentic. Be interested in what you're talking about. Hopefully this shouldn't be difficult! But don't try to be someone you're not.

These video's will be about helping your potential horse or dog customer. And showcase why you maybe able to help.

How Often Should I Post?

Try and be consistent. The more you do, the more practice you'll get. And the more you should enjoy it! And your potential customers have the option of subscribing to your youtube channel and so can keep in contact with your updates. So be consistent.

Action Points..

  • Get planning. Write down 5 ideas for youtube content.
  • Create a schedule. Will you do one video a month, or once a week? Decide on the frequency and plan how you'll do it and when.
  • Create an account and post. If you've not already, create a youtube account. Remember you can set video's to 'private' so you can practice and post, without the public seeing if you like! But don't spend too long worrying about perfection. If it stops you posting publicly!

Regards, Suzanne

Founder www.taranet.co.uk and Animal Star Business Academy

How To Stop Losing People At Your Twitter Profile

Do you want to have a twitter profile that encourages readers to see what you do?

One of my top tips is to ensure you use the "pinned tweet" function well.

First off did you know you can pin a tweet to the top of your profile? It's a great idea to ensure that either important news, or a tweet that you think is interesting gets seen.

To pin, go to the tweet and click on the drop down option (top right). And click pin to profile.

If you want to change the pinned tweet. Go to the new tweet to pin, and click pin to profile, and follow the instructions. It'll let you change it. Simple.

But my top tip about this. Is that you need to change it often. If you've a tweet pinned to your profile, it's the first tweet people see. Now they may go scrolling on. But they may only see that pinned tweet.

If it's dated from a few months ago. Or even a few years ago. It to me it looks like you don't bother updating your social media or business very often. This can lose you valuable potential customers!

Now you may think the pinned tweet is worthwhile. If it's got content you're proud of. Re do it. If it's relevant, change it slightly. Not that it matters for you to change it. Please pin a new tweet, with the same or different content. Do this every few weeks. Don't leave it so long, that the first tweet people see is from a long time ago.

It doesn't create a good image. You may think that the pinned tweet has lots of retweets/likes, and so looks really popular. Although that is true. It's still old. Change it!

Action Points..
  • Get pinning a tweet to the top of your profile. Or if you have already. Change it!
  • Have a look through my previous blog posts for some tips on using social media.
  • Gain more confidence in using Twitter with my free 1 page Twitter Basics Guide, which you can find online at http://taranet.co.uk/resources/Twitter-1-Page-Guide.pdf <
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Top Tip To Avoid Losing Customers At Your Website

Do you have a website for your equestrian, canine or veterinary care business?

Do you know if the website works on all devices? Your customers, (and potential customers). Will be looking at your website on their phones, tablets, laptops. And desktop computers. So that's quite a mix. And it can mean without some planning, a website won't work.

It's important you do have a website which is what's known as "responsive". In short, this means that your website works, on whatever device it's viewed on.

Otherwise, some pages may not appear. Some links won't work. Or a page will 'spill off the screen'. Generally it won't look great, and could lose you a customer!

But you can fix this.

There's two options.

  1. Have 2 websites. One which is computer viewable. And one which is for mobile devices. I do not recommend this. It means duplicating work. Who's got time for that?!
  2. Have a website that's designed using software which has responsive functionality. I designed this website here at Taranet, with responsive software. During the design process I also could check what it looked like. By pressing a button to replicate the different screen sizes.

Personally if I'm looking at a website which doesn't work. I'll 9 times out of 10 leave, and find another company to look at.

Don’t let your business down with a simple website issue.

Action Points..
  • Check your website, to see if it works on different devices.. Or ask a friend or relative to help you by looking on their phones or laptops.
  • If your website doesn't look right. Get the design changed. This may mean choosing different software. Or get a different developer.
  • Have a look through my previous blog posts for more business tips
  • Do you want coaching support to help your business flourish? Please email me to discuss! Or visit https://animal-star-social-media.teachable.com for online courses.

Regards, Suzanne

Director and Founder at www.taranet.co.uk

Treat Your Business Like A Garden!


When I was gardening recently it occurred to me the similarities it has with business.

I’d cut a hedge back a few weeks ago. And it had looked good! Without a close-up inspection in the weeks after, I thought it wasn’t too bad, and was mostly fairly short. But when I went back to it properly, a few weeks later. I found that it was a lot longer than I’d realised. And a lot more cutting back would be needed to get it back in shape. Not out of control, but on its way to being so.

So the parallel with business? You can set your goals for the short term or long term. But goal setting and doing a lot of work occasionally isn’t enough. Although any work you do that helps towards your goals, is better than nothing. It won’t get you there faster. I know speed isn’t everything.
But spending time occasionally, can mean you have to do more, when you do decide to do more work specifically towards your goals. Which may make you feel overwhelmed. And this can lead to disillusionment.

Have you ever felt like you don't know what task to do first? Or exhausted at seeing all that needs to be done?

I did find with my garden, a feeling of this is going to take me ages to get to how I want it! A bit of gardening a few times a week, is better than once in a while.

Work often towards your goals, will mean you don’t get overwhelmed. (Or less so anyway). And help stop work getting out of control.

Your Action Point
  • Review your business goals. What do you want to achieve in the next 1 month, 3 month, 6 months, etc?
  • What do you need to do to achieve your goal?
  • What task can you do every day. No matter how small. That will help you towards that goal?

How to Get Confidence Running Your Equine or Canine Business

Visit https://animal-star-social-media.teachable.com or email me at info @ taranet.co.uk for info on coaching opportunities with me.

Regards, Suzanne
Director at Taranet

How To Know What To Publish On Your Social Media

Know What To Post On Social Media With These 5 Tips

You're busy. With clients, administration and your non-business life.

So how do you find the time to decide what to post on social media?

As you may've picked up from my other blog posts. being consistent is key to social media. So how can you keep coming up with new ideas?

Here's some tips to get you started on posting on social media in your equestrian, canine or veterinary business.

  1. Don't worry about what other people post. It can be easy to get into comparison mode. See another business like yours, posting lots of video's of them working. This could be with their horse or dog customers. Then another day they could post about their own life, or a motivational quote. Or something else completely random. Whilst this is fine for them. If it seems too time consuming for you. Then don't feel the need to do it! Which leads me to tip number 2.
  2. What information do you want to share? If you're a veterinary physiotherapist. Do you want people to know the different techniques you use? Do you want them to know the range of animals you work with? Decide what you want to use your social media to update people with.
  3. How do you want people to get your posts? So do you like using photo's or video's? A mix of both is fine. But if you find the idea of video too much, then don't do it. (or not yet anyway). Keep to photo's.
  4. Whether you use photo's or video's or text based posts. (Depending on the social media network you use). Don't get too caught up on the detail. Ensure any post you make, is factual and not littered with spelling mistakes! But otherwise, don't worry if it's not a professional video or photo. And not a long text based post.
  5. Be authentic. So in conclusion to the points above. Ensure what information you share. And the method of your posts. Is all authentic to you. Don't try to be someone you're not. If you prefer to have a light-hearted approach that's fine. Or if you prefer technical detail that's fine too. Keep it simple and true to what you want to do.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Take a look at the action points below too!

Regards, Suzanne

Action Points..

  • Get started posting. With consistency and practice, you'll find it not such a chore.
  • Have a look through my previous blog posts for some tips on using social media.
  • Gain more confidence in using Twitter with my free 1 page Twitter Basics Guide, which you can find online at http://taranet.co.uk/resources/Twitter-1-Page-Guide.pdf <
  • For your free social media scheduling guide, please email me at info at taranet .co.uk
  • Do you want coaching support to help your business flourish? Please email me to discuss! Or visit https://animal-star-social-media.teachable.com for online courses.