How To Stay Focused On Your Equine or Pet Care Business

Do you enjoy the job you do? Or are you not sure if you do any more?

Recently, i've had a couple of equine therapist coaching clients who've felt a bit unsure of their "why". A common theme between them, has been that they've felt a bit annoyed by others. In so far as other new businesses being setup in 'competition'. But they've also felt deflated by these other equine therapists not being 'properly' qualified.

There are differences in some of the qualifications people can get to work with horses as a complementary therapist. And some are less rigorous than others. So it's only natural if you've spent a long time training. To feel that others setting up without such thorough education, could be unfair.

Whether this is the case or not. Although it can be useful to know what competitors are doing. It's important not to get distracted by them. Especially, if it makes you doubt everything you're doing!

Staying motivated can be difficult. Especially if you're working as a solopreneur. Here are 3 tips to help you stay motivated, no matter what other 'competitors' are doing.

3 Tips To Stay Motivated On Your Equine or Pet Care Business

1. Remember your "why". And write it down! Again and again - every day. Start your day writing in your journal or notebook, why you're doing the job you're doing. If you work with horses as a physiotherapist, then presumably you love horses? And want to help them move better. Hang onto that thought. So keep reminding yourself.

Remember your qualifications/training. It doesn't matter how under or over qualified your competitors are. You have your training and your knowledge. Don't doubt what you know. Again, write this down in your notebook or journal. Every day.

Think about the horses (or other animals) you have helped. There will be many. Write down as a case study some of them. If you've not done this before, it can help you not only stay motivated about the difference you do make. But also can use in your marketing (making details anonymous if you've not got permission).

Try to stay focused on you. What others are doing in their businesses, is their business..

Get more tips on how to stay motivated in your pet or horse care business, by reading other posts here in this blog. So please take a look!

How to Get Confidence Running Your Equine or Canine Business

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Suzanne Harris is an equestrian and canine entrepreneurial coach and consultant to veterinarians who want to help prevent animals being affected by domestic abuse.

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3 Tips To Help You Choose Your Holistic Animal Career

Love Helping Animals With These Holistic Animal Career Tips

What course should you choose if you want to work as a holistic therapist with animals?

This is a question i'm often asked! There's many courses to choose from.

So here's 3 top tips to help you decide on your holistic animal care career

  1. Decide the type of animal you want to work with. If you want to work with dogs, then there are many courses you can complete which are canine specific. For instance canine massage, canine bowen therapy, etc.

Then there are others which are horse specific. You'll also find courses which help you learn how to help different animals. Don't forget you can always specialise afterwards.

  1. Do you know what sort of therapy you'd like to use? Some are only for qualified veterinary surgeons to use. Acupuncture being one of those. The pathways to access some courses enable veterinarians to complete. For instance Chiropractic. The length of training to complete varies dependIng on what your career aspirations are

You can also train and become qualified in several complementary therapies too. Some therapies can be very useful to know. For example, Reiki or Bach Flower Remedy are two therapies which help as part of a holistic approach. And can be part of your 'toolbox' of ways to help your animal clients. By being able to help with relaxation and emotional responses to situations. Can mean your animal clients get more out of their sessions.

  1. Linked to the type of therapy or therapies you want to use. Is what professional association do you want to join. Now there are many. You can find some links at my training links page here. Some are more established than others. And some are very clear on their role. For instance the Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP) aims to promote Public Confidence in the Animal Musculoskeletal Occupations it Registers. RAMP also offers vets reassurance on the professional standards of its members. This may in turn increase the confidence of vets to refer their animal patients to you.

But there are many other professional associations who offer high standards and reassurance. Do take a look though, as there is variance!

Working with animals is rewarding. Especially helping to improve their health and wellbeing. I hope the above has given you a few ideas to help you on your animal care career. Find more information at my training advice pages here.

About The Author
Suzanne Harris is an equestrian and canine entrepreneurial coach and consultant to veterinarians who want to help prevent animals being affected by domestic abuse.

PS: You can find more equestrian and pet care themed business articles over at Suzanne's Linkedin, see more here

5 Brilliant Tips To Be In Your Best Health

5 Tips To Find Your Optimum Health

It would be best to choose a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to optimize your health. It takes more than what you consume to live a healthy lifestyle. Some factors like sleep, regular exercise, reducing stress, socialization, and avoiding dangerous substances for the body all play a role in staying healthy.

Good health allows you to have a happy life by allowing you to engage in all of life's activities as you wish. It's the key to living a fulfilling and productive life. Your body stays healthy, and your mind stays intuitive and fresh when you live to follow a good lifestyle. Additionally, it protects you from various severe diseases and imparts the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

If you want to optimize your well-being and are confused about where to start, here are six tips that you can follow to ensure optimum health.


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How To Achieve Optimum Health For Yourself:

Use CBD To Improve Health

The cannabinoid CBD can offer various health benefits. It is not intoxicating or psychotropic like other compounds such as THC. CBD advocates claim that it can be used to manage pain, treat inflammation, migraines, autoimmune illnesses, epilepsy, mental health disorders, and anxiety, among other ailments.

If you aspire to reap all these benefits, you can good quality Cannabis Oil. The oil is the easiest way to ingest the cannabinoid and enjoy its therapeutic effects.

Follow A Good Diet

A balanced diet can have numerous advantages, including lowering your risk of chronic illnesses and enhancing your overall health. Mindful eating entails focusing on your meal, which is easier to do when not multitasking. Rather than making significant dietary adjustments, you should start with smaller and less challenging steps.

To make more delightful meals that focus on providing you energy and health, begin by balancing your meals by introducing more colors and texture to your plate. Incorporate vegetables, fruits, fat-free milk, whole grains, and other dairy items into your diet. It should also include foods high in protein, such as eggs, lean meat, seafood, nuts, legumes, soy, seeds, etc.

Your diet should also contain fewer saturated fats, salts, and added sugars. Several studies have found that sugar-sweetened beverages increase the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Another crucial point to note in your diet is that the plan must adhere to your daily calorie requirements.

And the most important tip, remember to drink plenty of water, especially before meals, as it is beneficial to your metabolism and can assist you in weight management.

cucumber salad

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Incorporate Exercise in Your Routine

Exercise is beneficial to your health and can assist you in maintaining a healthy weight. Boosting your metabolism might help you achieve and maintain your desired body weight. The best aspect about working out is that you may begin at any time.

Start with some low-impact exercises and work your way up to discovering new methods to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. It would be best if you make time to enjoy your day more by finding enjoyment in physical activity.

Every week, you should obtain at least 150 minutes of low-impact aerobic exercises or 75 minutes of intense aerobic activity, according to Mayo Clinic. Weight loss, fewer illnesses, sound mental health, better sleep, and a muscular physique are just a few of the health benefits of starting to work out.

groupworkout fitness

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Get a Good Night's Sleep

Modern, fast-paced lifestyles leave little time for you to pause and rest, let alone obtain enough sleep. On the other hand, sleep is as essential as a healthy diet and regular exercise. A decent night's sleep can help you optimize your brain function, temperament, and overall health.

Sleep deprivation is among the most potent individual risk factors for weight gain and obesity, and various disorders and ailments such as stroke and dementia. However, you can improve your sleep in a variety of ways. Turning your bedroom into a comfortable space, improving your sleep schedule, adopting a pre-bedtime regimen, and encouraging pro-sleeping activities are all excellent places to start

woman sleeping in bed

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Eliminate Bad Habits

Bad habits such as missing meals, spending too much time in front of the screen, snacking on junk food, smoking, and getting too little physical activity can all hurt your overall health. You must consider breaking these unhealthy habits to optimize your health.

Consuming more processed meals can deceive your brain into overeating, leading to food addiction in the long run. Fast foods typically comprise empty calories due to their lack of fiber, vitamins, and protein and harmful components such as added sugar and refined carbs.

Make time for yourself to indulge in your favorite activities. Slow down and appreciate eating as a joyful, multi-faceted process rather than a stress-relieving activity.

Bonus Tip: Get Check-Ups Done Regularly

Going to the doctor for regular checks will help you live a longer life. Furthermore, even if you have a hectic schedule, consistent preventive care can help detect problems sooner and improve your chances of receiving good healthcare.

Make sure to ask any concerns you have during your checkups, and don't be hesitant to be clear and honest with the healthcare expert.

healthcheck women

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Maintaining good health is vital for your well-being and making the most out of your life. The tips mentioned in the guide can be highly practical if you look forward to optimizing your health. Keep in mind to be consistent with these steps to see results.

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15 Brilliant Proofreading Tips For Your Equestrian Business Marketing

Your Shrewd Ideas To Have Sparkling Equestrian Business Marketing Copy

Proofreading your writing, whether it’s on your social media, website, products or brochures will give it a final polish that will add to its professionalism and help make a good impression. It also enables readers to focus on the message without being distracted. Lots of mistakes can also detract from your credibility.

So now that you know how it benefits you, you probably want some advice on how to do it, right?

Before we get going, I have a small caveat. Our brains are wonderful things. They save us time when reading by skipping over things and seeing what they think should be there. If the writing is your own, your brain will think it knows a lot of what’s there. Sadly, that means it’s very hard for us to proofread our own writing properly. Even proofreaders are advised not to!

That said, it’s way better than nothing. And social media posts and emails that aren’t part of a mailing list aren’t worth paying to have proofread anyway, although some people do. Be extremely careful with your social graphics, though, as mistakes there stand out more than those in a body of text and are harder to fix.

With that out of the way, let’s get going!

  1. Make sure you have a good knowledge of punctuation and grammar
If you don’t know when something’s wrong, you won’t be able to correct it. Look up anything you’re unsure of.

  1. Take a break
Writing is creative and proofreading (and editing) is analytical. If you try to mix them, both suffer. Besides that, our brains fill in what they expect to see. Be sure to take decent break between finishing your writing and proofreading it.

  1. Proofread when your mind is alert
It’s hard to concentrate properly when you’re tired and you’re much more likely to overlook errors.

  1. Don’t proofread when you’re rushed
You’re more likely to skim and miss things.

  1. Remove distractions
You can’t do a good job if you keep getting distracted. You know best what distracts you, whether it’s social media or your pet. Wait for a distraction-free time and close social media and anything else that has the potential to take your attention away from the task at hand.

  1. Look for one type of error at a time
When I started proofreading, this was where I went wrong. You may be confident you can multitask, but it just doesn’t work. Look for spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting and so on in different passes.

  1. Read one word at a time
This is a more difficult skill to develop than you’d think. We naturally take in a few words at once when reading and skip some and fill in the gaps with our brain. This is not the best way to spot things that are wrong. Mistakes like pubic instead of public happen and can be embarrassing, and anything can distract the reader from what you’re saying.

  1. Place a ruler under each line
This helps to keep your brain from jumping ahead.

  1. Read it backwards
This prevents your brain from filling in what it expects to see. It would be good to combine with your pass looking for misspelled words.

  1. Read it out loud
It’s surprising how many more errors you find when you do this. It also helps to check everything flows well and you haven’t used the same word too much in one area.

  1. Change your margin width
This is another thing that makes a big difference. Use a different margin width for every pass. Changing font size has the same effect.

  1. Print it out
Although it’s not always reasonable, everyone agrees that it’s much easier to spot errors on paper.

  1. Know your common mistakes
Everyone has mistakes that they’re prone to. Be aware of what these are for you and check for each one.

  1. Use your word-processor’s spellchecker, but wisely
Spellcheckers can be quite good at finding typing mistakes. However, they’re not human and cannot judge based on context. If a suggestion seems odd or wrong, do some research. Not all words will be in the spellchecker’s dictionary. I’ve had to add horse breeds to Word’s dictionary many times, as well as some equestrian terms. I have to say, Word’s grammar and punctuation suggestions usually leave much to be desired.

  1. Check for consistency
This may not be as obvious as spelling, grammar and punctuation, but it’s very important. Readers will notice inconsistency, and even if they don’t, they’ll likely notice that something is off or get an impression of unprofessionalism. Make sure your formatting is consistent, as well as whether or not you use an Oxford (aka serial) comma, whether or not you use full stops in abbreviations like eg and how you capitalize horse breeds (less straight-forward than with dogs). Don’t have Shetland pony in one place and Shetland Pony in another. And don’t use keep switching between alternative names for horse or dog breeds – for example, using both Alsatian and German Shepherd.

Now that you’re armed with these tips, you can go ahead and improve your writing. It’s something like get a horse ready for a class at a show where turnout is important.

About The Author
Emily Haag is a proofreader for equine and pet businesses, helping them to feel confident about their written words and saving them from spending time head-scratching.

5 Home Remedies To Help Alleviate Stress

PMan feeling stressed

hoto by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Stress can sometimes be a helpful tool for raising energy levels and attention spans. It, however, is most often an opposing force in people’s lives that triggers a variety of negative consequences. There is a lot of stress in the modern world, and it can be very detrimental to your health. Without time to unwind or relax, the ill effects accumulate and worsen.
The Gallup Global Emotions report identifies Americans as the most stressed people worldwide. Therefore, to help you deal with it, the following sections of this post will provide you with five home remedies to help ease stress. So, let’s get right on it.

Using CBD Oil

CBD oil to help with stress relief
Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels
Stress, anxiety, and depression can render you unable to go about your daily routines. The demand for CBD, or cannabidiol, has risen throughout the last few years. CBD users contend that CBD has therapeutic effects and can treat many ills, such as stress.
Those with stress often turn to CBD to help them relax and stay calm. Others even find that it boosts their mental state, allowing them to think clearer and have less brain fog. Research reveals that using CBD products like oils and other CBD supplements may provide a much-needed boost to a person’s mental health. CBD can help relieve stress at home in two ways:
  • It promotes restful sleep before a hectic day at work. Sleep deprivation can worsen a stressful day, but getting an entire night’s rest can be challenging. For a better night’s sleep and to stay healthy, you can take CBD oil drops before bed.
  • It can also help you prepare for a last-minute meeting. It’s not uncommon to have discussions and presentations all at once! When a supervisor, partner, or client schedules meetings with little notice, CBD can be a valuable tool.
There are plenty of things you can do to kill an hour, such as hiding in the restroom or playing with your fingers, but you might also consider popping a CBD gummy from cbd edible products. The store offers a wide range of top-quality CBD oils, tinctures, gummies, and topicals. It provides natural stress management options, including CBD oils, CBD gummies, and CBD topicals.

Limiting Unhealthy Beverage Intake

Many depend on some drinkable stimulant that they think makes them more alert and able to handle life’s trials. Alcohol and caffeine can cause stress and anxiety worse. But, you will notice your stress levels will decrease if you reduce your consumption of such beverages.
You can do more good by giving up that one habit since soft drinks have many unhealthy side effects and increase your stress levels.

Breathing Right

woman smelling scent to relieve stress

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels
We forget about breathing when constantly rushing to stay on schedule and meet deadlines. When you don’t take deep breaths, you decrease the amount of oxygen in your body. It contributes to stress-related physical damage.
You can counteract this by taking a few deep breaths every morning and night. Inhale and exhale with a feeling of your stomach and chest expanding and contracting. As you count from 1 to 5, breathe in slowly. Hold your breath for five counts, then exhale slowly. Practice pranayama techniques regularly and learn them from a qualified instructor.
Try this deep breathing technique a few times whenever you feel tense, and you’ll find the feeling of crisis will glide by almost effortlessly. It will become easier for you to handle unpleasant situations in the future without becoming stressed.

Perform a Yoga Flow

Yoga has long been practiced in India as mind-body medicine, even though it’s only become mainstream in the West in the last decade or so. While yoga is undoubtedly good for stretching your muscles and improving your physical fitness, it is even more valuable for your mind.
Practicing yoga lowers stress levels by regulating the nervous system, balancing hormones, and regulating nerve impulses, thus making you more able to handle stressful situations. Besides lowering blood pressure and heart rate, yoga may also benefit the brain.

Sip Some Tea

person sipping tea to relieve stress
Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels
Taking a sip of tea while relaxing is itself a soothing experience. However, a cup of tea can profoundly affect how you feel from a physiological point of view. One study tracked the cortisol levels of men in two groups. A black tea placebo group consumed black tea four times per day for six weeks, while the other group drank black tea four times per day.
After this, they deliberately exposed both groups to stressful events to assess how they responded. In the placebo group, cortisol levels were lower than in the tea-drinking group at the six-week end. Additionally, the tea drinkers recovered more quickly from stress. There was also a report of similar findings in another article on green tea.
However, tea leaves are not the only thing that can be beneficial. The herbs lavender and chamomile commonly used in making tea are also known for their stress-relieving qualities. Here are some good herbal teas to ease stress:
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Ginseng
  • Turmeric
  • Peppermint
  • Catnip
Although you can’t avoid stress altogether, you can do many things to ease it. For instance, you can use CBD, limit unhealthy beverage intake, perform a yoga flow, breathe right, and sip some tea. In most cases, combining several of these proven strategies will give you the best defense against stress.

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