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Help Your Horse or Dog Care Business Thrive With Specialist Coaching

With Me - Suzanne Harris

I can help you focus on your business goals and be more confident on the action you need to take.So you can have the veterinary, equine or canine business you've always wanted!

Would you like to:

  • Have more confidence in planning your business?
  • Know how to use social media to build your customer base?
  • Be clearer how to prioritise your business tasks?
  • Take an ethical approach to your business, including how to help tackle domestic abuse?

I can help you with 1-2-1 coaching. Please email me at info [at] for information.

I've developed the T.A.R.A.coaching program (below graphic) to help you achieve your business goals! These are the principles that I apply to my coaching approach.

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So why not invest in yourself. To help you to have the skills and confidence for your business mastery. Email me at info @ taranet

Join the 5 day free social media challenge here for equine or canine healthcare professionals!

About Suzanne Harris at Taranet
I'm a qualified manager with many years experience of managing teams and projects. Professional development I've taken includes:

  • I'm a professionally qualified manager and strategic leader and a member of the Chartered Institute of Management (MCMI).
  • Graduate of internationally renowned coach Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkie (level 1) program.
  • Completed Marie Forleo's Copy Cure Programme
  • Completed Pedro Adao's Crush It With Challenges Course
  • Over 13 year's experience as a domestic abuse expert, commissioning and strategy lead

And so I can help you with gaining more confidence, plan your business and help you with your marketing. All to help you have the best equestrian or canine care business you possibly can!

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