Customer Care Tips for Animal Care Professionals

Ensuring your customers are happy with your service is important for any business of any size. Although people may have different expectations of what they want from a service or product, it's possible for you as a business owner to have a clear approach for how you want to operate your service.

Knowing what your minimum service standards are, (exceeding them where you can of course!) and having a clear policy for customers to provide feedback can all help ensure any customer can say they are happy with your service. In the unlikely event a customer isn't happy then by having clear customer service standards, means that you can know whether you have done all that you can, and whether a customer is justified in their complaint.

Here are some top tips to help you care for your customers.
  • Policy - Do you have a customer feedback policy? No matter what size your service is, it's a good idea to always have this policy even in a simple form. Capturing feedback whether its good or bad will help you develop your service.
  • Service standards - Do you know what standards your customers should expect from your service? These are minimum standards, and of course you can exceed them, but by setting parameters, people then know for instance how quick they should expect to get a response from an enquiry, how long to first appointment, etc.
  • How will you handle complaints or compliments? If you're a business of more than one person, then decide who will respond to complaints or compliments.
  • Contacts - How should people provide feedback to you? Make it as clear as possible!
  • Monitor social media - If you have a social media account for your business, monitor it regularly to see if people are contacting you with feedback and respond promptly! But don't get into detailed discussions in public, be polite and take discussions offline or in private messaging at least.