Research into Animal Healthcare

Although the majority of research into the benefits of different healthcare solutions has been focused on humans, over recent years there has been more and more research into whether different medicine or therapies can help animals.

This page provides a list of links to veterinary research that maybe of interest to you or someone else you know who’s interested in animal health - so please share!
Horse in Field
Dog Sitting in Woodland


Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera Extracts in Equine Clinical Practice (Veterinary Practice, 1996`)

Comparison of aloe vera and omeprazole in the treatment of equine gastric ulcer syndrome (Equine Veterinary Journal, 2017)

How swimming affects plasma insulin and glucose concentration in Thoroughbreds: A pilot study. (University of Pisa, 2017)

Osteoarthritis - Review of the role of aquatic therapy in managing equine osteoarthritis (Colorado State University, 2016)

Vertical Displacement of the Equine Pelvis When Trotting on an Aqua Treadmill (Equine Veterinary Journal, 2014)

PENS Therapy
Headshaking - PENS treatment (University of Bristol, 2015)

Orthopedics - Effectiveness of Thermography (Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 2013)

Thermographic assessment of racing thoroughbreds (2001)


Aloe Vera
Comparison of Aloe Vera and Silver Sulfadiazine in the Treatment of Deep Second-Degree Burn in Dogs (2014)

Use of Aloe Vera in decreased clinical signs of canine distemper (1998)

Herb - Cranberry
Urinary tract infections - effect of cranberry extract (American Journal of Veterinary Research, 2016)


Homeopathy for atopic dermatitis in dogs (British Homeopathic Association, 2009)

Immunotherapy for cancer treatment (Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien, 2014)
Evidence for the use of post-operative physiotherapy after surgical repair of the cranial cruciate ligament in dogs (The Veterinary Nurse, 2014)

To help evaluate limbs (Veterinary Medicine, 2008)

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