How To Become More Sustainable In Your Pet Care Business

3 Ways You Can Become A Sustainable Pet Care Entrepreneur

As a veterinary physiotherapist how important is sustainability to your business? What does this even mean? And should you worry about it?

If you're another pet care entrepreneur then this article can apply to you too!

First of all what can sustainability mean? It means two things - the impact on the environment and the impact on society.

Take a moment and think, what impact does your veterinary physiotherapy business have?

Here are three ways that this can apply to your business.

  1. Do you travel to customers? If so, how do you get there? What sort of vehicle is it? If changing your vehicle to a more energy efficient one isn't practical. Do you try and 'batch' your visits? So you're not making unnecessary trips. This is a difficult one. After all, you want to offer a flexible service and be able to meet your customer's needs. But it's worth taking a look at your diary and plan to say visit a particular area once or twice a week. Not only can you cut down on unnecessary travel, it should reduce your stress! Driving about can be relaxing but also can be tiring.

  1. Equipment. This could be anything you use in connection with your business. There are several things you can consider here.

  1. Number one - Where do you source it from? Now I know it can be very difficult to get products which are local, or even from the same country! But getting products which haven't travelled miles - thousands of miles to get to you. Will reduce the impact on the environment.
  2. Number two - What products do you use, what materials are they? Are they reusable? If not, can you get an alternative which IS reusable? If you can re-use. Can you recycle it? Nowadays these are ever more important. And there are many product options. Not all are expensive, and even if something does seem more cost. If it saves on expenditure, and saves the environment it's not a bad thing is it?!

  1. Can you make an impact in your community? There are dozens of ways you can do this. One idea is to work with like-minded organisations. Making a positive impact beyond your own business. This could be with veterinary practices, pet groomers, horse grooms dog or horse trainers. Giving is a good way to start your sustainability journey. Can you work together to provide information events (eg webinars, client evenings)? Making a difference in your community.

These are a few ideas. But there are many more! Sustainability is a wide term, but that reflects the enormous opportunity. Nowadays many are more keen to ensure their purchasing choices are positive. And don't have a negative impact.

So don't forget to tell your customers. And potential customers on what you're doing. This could be in your newsletters, social media, invoices, anything!

Action Point
  • Take a notepad (or notes on your smartphone/laptop). Write down a list of things where you're making sustainable choices now.
  • Then write down a list of 10 things you can do to become MORE sustainable.
  • And take action, get started. Remember small actions can have a large impact.

How to Get Confidence Running Your Equine or Canine Business

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Regards, Suzanne
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Marketing Moves To Digitize An Old Business

Love These Essential Marketing Moves To Digitize An Old Business

With more people working and learning from home than ever before, the pandemic means it has never been more critical to digitize your traditional brick and mortar business.

You could benefit enormously from just investing in your website.

Still, there are many other tips and tricks for modernizing your business and getting it up to speed in today's modern digital world.

Here are some digitization tips for breathing new life into your old business.

Identify How Your Business Can Operate Digitally

You need to have a comprehensive view of how the company can work as a digital enterprise.

Suppose you're digitizing your business by designing a brand new website to address a particular niche or overhauling your internal technology.

In that case, it can significantly affect how your organization works in a number of areas, and you must be aware of this.

For instance, if you sell products, you'll need to learn how to display, promote, and sell those products to an online audience.

Invest In SEO And Digital Marketing

Your organization should spend adequately on search engine optimization and other aspects of digital marketing in 2021.

Organic search traffic, which can be gained through your SEO investment, can be an advantageous marketing channel, and you'd be shocked by how much of a difference a single digital marketing campaign can make in your organic growth.

Remember that all forms of digital marketing should act together as part of a more comprehensive approach.

So, in addition to SEO, you'll also want to include social media marketing, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising as part of your overall strategy.

Give Your Employees Social Media Training

When you're working on digitizing your company, ensure that your employees are in the best position to profit from the improvements.

It's wise to give your workers the preparation they need to keep up with the company's changing face.

Social media is currently one of the leading marketing channels for reaching a broader, global audience.

Therefore, if you want to breathe new life into your business and succeed in today's digital world, mastering your brand's social media is going to be key!

Social Media Marketing Tips

  • Define your target audience: It's essential to build your social media campaign around your target audience. Determining your target audience helps you determine what social media sites you should be using and what content your audience responds best to.
  • Build a winning game plan: The trick to making your idea a success is to develop a social media marketing plan. Remember the social media sites where you'll be posting content while you plan your campaign, ensuring they cater to your target demographic and fit with your objectives.
  • Create consistent branding: Everything from your company's branded logo through to the tone of voice used, fonts, and colours should remain consistent throughout any of your marketing efforts. This ensures your brand will be as memorable as possible in the eyes of the consumer.
  • Use the art of storytelling: It's the stories, not the goods, that sell! We, as people, are drawn to stories. Therefore, storytelling is the relational bond that a company establishes with its customers. They elicit creative thoughts and promote engagement. Use storytelling in your social media posts to capture your target audience's attention, and you'll be sure to generate a great deal of engagement.

Digitizing Your Outdated Business Practices

For companies and organizations that have been around for some time, you already know how important it is to remain current and up-to-date with the trends surrounding your industry.

Those who don't are likely to fail, while those who keep up with trends and changes are sure to succeed.

By using these quick tips on modernizing your old business, you're sure to be able to reach a larger audience than ever before while also increasing engagement and generating more revenue for your business!

About The Author
This is a guest post by Cesar Clarke

How You Can Make a Difference To Animals Affected by Domestic Abuse

Super Ideas To Make A Difference To Animal Safety

Imagine… You have a choice. End an abusive relationship. But to do so means leaving your home and moving far away. And in doing so, you have no option but to leave your dog behind.

This is a decision faced by too many women and men experiencing domestic abuse. Often it's described as the hardest decision they've ever had to make.

Not much of a choice is it?

Sadly, many animals living with their paw-parents who're in an abusive relationships, will be directly affected.

At best they'll experience indirect impacts of emotionally drained and strained care.

But at worst they'll be starved, injured and traumatised. So leaving your much loved pet with the person who's been abusing both of you isn't something you'd do unless you were desperate.

Is there an answer to helping animals and their owners affected by domestic abuse?

Yes there is! Around the UK and many countries, there are many animal charities who offer pet fostering schemes. These enable victims to leave their relationships and ensure their pet's safety.

For instance in the UK: Cats Protection has a "Paws Protect Scheme" which enables cats to be fostered in safe homes. And Dog's Trust has their "Freedom Project" to help dogs to be safe.

There are many other schemes too in the UK and around the world.

What can you do?

Unfortunately all these schemes need more help! They need:

  • More funding
  • More foster carers
  • More awareness of their existence.

This is where you can make a difference! You can help by:

  • Fundraising for these charities schemes
  • Help fellow animal lovers know how they can make a difference by becoming foster carers. Or you could become a foster carer yourself!
  • Promoting awareness of these schemes, so that your customers and contacts who maybe living with domestic abuse know that they can help their animals to be safe. You can do this be including information on your website, social media, publications, invoices, etc.

Were you aware of this issue before reading this blog? I hope it's helped you see that you can make a difference. Remember, domestic abuse is not a private matter, it shouldn't be kept behind closed doors. And no matter how small, you can make a difference.

If you are affected by domestic abuse, then please contact one of the national helplines available. As you maybe reading this from anywhere across the world, i'm not listing all national helplines here as are too many to mention. So just go to Google and tap in domestic abuse help (in your country) and find your helpline.

Are you a veterinarian and like to know more about the signs of domestic abuse? Then take my "Forgotten Victims" digital course - click here for info.

Like to develop your horse or pet care business?

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Regards, Suzanne
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Love The Benefits Of Another Income For Your Petcare Business

Love These Brilliant Tips For Your PetCare Business Growth

Are you interested in new income opportunities? Or are you wanting to concentrate only on your equine or pet care service?

It is possible to find a new way to create another income stream, that works alongside your current work. It doesn't need to be a negative distraction, and open up new possibilities.

So why should you have another income? 4 great reasons are:

  1. You can offer your customers a wider range of services or products
  2. You may get new customers
  3. If one part of your business income drops, another income will help minimise the impact of this for you
  4. It can help develop your skills and confidence, which can help your other work and away from work.

There will be many things to think about. First of all, what sort of income stream could you choose? Here's 3 ideas to consider:

  1. Should you have a service or selling products that complement your existing business? Doing this will mean your customers may be immediately interested.
  2. Or you could choose something related but different. For instance, if you work with dogs as a massage therapist. Could you train in another canine care skill, or other therapy?
  3. Deciding to do something unrelated could be different for you. And give you a new challenge. But this may be too distracting. It depends on if you think it's practical.

But will it cost you a lot of money to set up another income stream?

It may seem counter-intuitive. Spending money to make money! For example, you may find it surprising the variance in costs of becoming a retailer. You can find you have to buy a certain wholesale amount from some companies.

So do your research. Even if you're interested in retailing dog treats for instance. There are many different companies - including organic and natural suppliers. So choose the deal that's going to work best for you. Get a few pricing/deal options and consider what will work.

Could Direct Selling Be What You're Looking For Alongside Your Pet Care Business?

Direct selling is another option. My best advice is to choose to do this with a company who's a member of the Direct Selling Association. This means they use best practice and have a code of professional conduct. There is a wide range of products and services marketed via Direct Selling. These can be either person-to-person, via party-plan or online. It offers a flexible opportunity.

But choose a company that you're interested in. And who offers lots of training and support. I should say that as i've been part of a direct selling company for over 15 years, I can recommend! This is Forever Living Products and I adore their aloe vera products, which I can use as can my animals. And I love sharing them and the opportunity with people. Their training and support is amazing too. Email me for info at info @

Learn A New Skill

If you want to train in another skill or therapy. Then there will be a cost attached to it. Course fees can vary, but with a professional course. Then it can be money well spent. Find information on training in complementary therapies at my advice pages here.

So to recap. Are you thinking of how to make more money. Or expand your services to help your customers even more? There are several options. And they can work alongside your existing business, and open up exciting opportunities.

How to Get Confidence Running Your Equine or Petcare Business

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Regards, Suzanne
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How To Grow Your Community As A Pet Care Entrepreneur

Shrewd Advice To Help Support Your Community

Feeling that you're making a difference is an amazing thing. It helps inspire me and creates momentum for doing more. Do you know what I mean?

As you're working in the pet and equestrian sector. Knowing you're helping animals is awesome! Loving and helping animals to be well cared for is rewarding.

But what else can you do? Can you do anything to help your local community as well?

Here's 3 tips on what you can do to make a difference!

  1. Using premises - do you have a building for your business? If you do. Can you hire out any of your room even for an hour or two a week, to a local group or business? If you've a dog care business. Could someone else who offers a complimentary business to yours benefit? This could be a win-win, to help generate business for both of you.
  2. Team up with another local business, to have special promotions. Of course these should benefit both of you. But having some kind of referral offer, can generate interest and leads. If one (or both) of you have products, you could have selection for sale in the other, and agree a retail profit.
  3. What local charities are there? If there's a charity who's close to your heart. Then give a % of your sales to them. Even if it's a small amount, in can make a huge difference. And of course, tell your customers. They may want to support you and become a regular customer. If they know you're helping a charity.

Why Should You Do This?

All of these ideas will help you and help others. A great way to develop a positive mindset is to ask, how can you help someone else today? And do something to achieve this!

It will also help you can gain self confidence. As it will help your own self-worth.

What Else Should You Consider?

For some situations, a contract is a must. Even if it's a 'memorandum of understanding'. A short contractual document at the very least, can ensure both you and the other party agree on the terms of the arrangement.

It doesn't need to be complicated. You can find many simple agreement templates online that will do. So don't need to involve lawyers. But of course. In some situations too, a solicitor may be a good idea too. If you're a member of a professional association. You may have a legal helpline or even templates you can access. So check your membership!

Action Point
Review what you're currently doing to help your community. Remember small action can have a big impact. So even if you don't feel you can do much. It could make a huge difference. So please review the above ideas, and put one or all into action!

How To Gain Confidence As An Equine Or Pet Care Entrepreneur

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Regards, Suzanne
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