How You Can Improve Your Use of Social Media In Your Horse or Dog Care Business

Would you like help to develop a social media strategy for your horse or dog care business? And learn how you can use social media to focus on your ideal customer niche?
Social media is now considered vital in promoting your business.

But do you find the different social media networks confusing? Or do you find it all time-consuming?

Building up a presence on social media takes time, as can you maintaining it. This is where I can help you! Take a look at the video below for some inspiration.

Are you an equine massage therapist, veterinary physiotherapist, canine hydrotherapist or Veterinary Surgeon? I can help you maximise the benefits of social media for your animal wellbeing business!

I offer a bespoke consultancy service to help you. This includes online coaching to help you use social media for your business.

Social Media Training/Coaching

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How To Promote Your Horse or Dog Care Businesses Online

  1. A website audit can be very helpful to see where you are now and so help you plan. Find out more at my web audit page here for more details.
  2. Advertise online with Google Adwords. For more information/quote please email social [at]

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