Why You Can Make a Difference To Animals Affected by Domestic Abuse

As an animal lover you know, how loving and caring for a pet is so important.

  • Have you ever thought how pets can be impacted by domestic abuse?
  • And why someone's love for their animals can be used against them by a person causing them harm?
  • And why this can be a real barrier to leaving an abusive relationship?

How Pets Can Get Impacted By Domestic Abuse

• It's a proven fact that a pet can be used by someone causing harm, to help manipulate and control his or her 'victim'.
• It can also can mean it's really hard for someone to leave an abusive relationship, as pets or other animals are often part of the family.
• If the 'victim' or 'survivor' has to physically move home. Whether that's to a refuge or a friend, relative or to other independent accommodation. Then what do they do with the pet? It's not always easy to take an animal with you.

And of course I'm not just talking about cats, dogs or small animals. If someone has a horse. What do you do with a horse?! Any larger animal can be more problematic to move, or present challenges in helping to improve the situation.

How To Help Pets With Expert Awareness Training

I've developed online learning for veterinary care professionals to understand more about the impact of domestic abuse on animals.

Find it online at: https://animal-star-social-media.teachable.com/p/the-forgotten-victims

Why You Should Take This Important Digital Learning

  • Domestic abuse affects tens of millions of people every day around the world. You will know someone who's experiencing domestic abuse - even if they don't recognise it as such. You may not either and think that's just how their relationship is. Often people associate only physical violence with domestic abuse. They don't recognise the emotional and coercion types of abuse, and consider it part of a "normal relationship".
  • I've worked as a strategic domestic abuse lead in a local authority for over 13 years. This means I've a wealth of experience about domestic abuse, and know through conducting statutory domestic homicide reviews, how devastating the impacts can be.
  • I've created this course, as I love animals, but see how they're often overlooked as being victims of domestic abuse. And I want to change that!

If you'd prefer a training session delivered to your team at your veterinary (or other animal care) practice, then do email me at info @ taranet.co.uk to learn more.

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